Standard Terms and Conditions

  1. All quotes are subject to aircraft and crew availability.

  2. The quote is valid for 30 days from the date of issue unless specified otherwise. The aircraft will only be confirmed once the quotation is signed and a 30% deposit is received. We recommend this is done within 24 hours of accepting the quotation.

  3. Quoted price is inclusive of;
    • All en-route, landing, and air navigation charges.
    • Aircraft operating costs.
    • Flight crew, cabin attendants and general allowances.
    • Catering and refreshments.
  4. The customer is responsible for any additional costs over and above the quoted amount under the following circumstances;
    • Unforeseen legal and state law compliance requirements for foreign operations.
    • Security requirements for crew and aircraft outside of Australia.
    • If unforeseen aircraft unservicability occurs outside the reasonable control of the operator, the operator will make all reasonable attempts to substitute the aircraft with a viable alternative. Additional charges will apply for aircraft ferry and variance in the applicable aircraft hourly rate.
    • If the customer changes flight schedules and routing, any additional costs incurred shall be payable by the customer.
  5. All flights will be conducted in accordance with Australian aviation laws and regulations.

  6. The operator reserves the right to postpone, cancel, and re-route any flight to ensure the safety of its crew, aircraft, and passengers. Under circumstances where a flight is cancelled prior to the commencement of a charter, the customer will be reimbursed all reasonable amounts. If the flight is cancelled during the charter, the customer will be partially reimbursed for the unutilised sectors.

  7. For all international operations, It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all passengers have valid passports, visas, and are eligible for entry at the desired destination. The customer shall indemnify the operator for any fines, penalties, or expenses incurred due to a failure of the customer to comply with foreign or local customs and quarantine regulations.

  8. The customer must disclose to the operator any items within baggage or cargo that may be considered, or have the potential to be, a dangerous good, an item prohibited for import or export into a foreign port, or any other item that may need to be declared to domestic or foreign customs and quarantine agencies. The Operator reserves the right to refuse the loading of any items it deems to be dangerous, or may contravene domestic foreign laws and regulations.

  9. Luggage capacity for each passenger will depend upon the number of passengers onboard. The Operator will discuss luggage capacity limits with the customer prior to the departure date.

  10. The Customer shall indemnify the Operator for any damage caused to the aircraft and its fittings by a passenger(s).

  11. A 30% deposit will be required at the time of acceptance of this quotation.

  12. The balance of the quotation is due 7 (seven) working days prior to departure, preferably via Electronic Funds Transfer to the account listed on the attached invoice. Once payment is made please send EFT confirmation to

  13. If the customer cancels a flight, a cancellation fee will be charged unless the cancellation is due to extenuating circumstances. A cancellation fee will be calculated as a percentage of the total quoted amount accepted as specified in the table below.
    • From acceptance of quotation to 72 hours prior to departure30%
      More than 72 hours to departure60%
  14. Acceptance of these terms and conditions will constitute a contract between the Operator and the Customer (charterer) for the carriage of passengers and accompanying baggage. In the event the Customer is a Charter Broker or agent, the Charter Broker or agent shall be bound by the terms and conditions and jointly liable for the performance of the customers (charterers) obligations.